Our home at Blauvac: Side stories


We are building a home in Provence. Section Birth and development of a house of this site tells all about it.

But there are also lovely little side stories and unexpected events that help you stay fit and awake. Especially when you camp in the building - still no tiles on the roof, but in Provence, May should be lovely and sunny, isnt’it? And after midnight, Niagara falls suddenly break open on your head and everything is blown away by the Marin, a local wind compared to which the famous Mistral is just a gentle brize…

Of course there are also lots of more pleasant side stories, even though several pages start with «War about…». This section is about all this.

It is hardly worth mentioning that this section is in construction - new pages and photographs will regularly be included during the forthcoming months. The legends of the photographs are not yet translated (August 2009), sorry about it.

New additions will be announced regularly on the Blog.

Ups, downs, side stories…

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