Our home at Blauvac


These pages are about the building of our house in Blauvac, a lovely little village in High Provence.

A house is like a living being. It must first be conceived. After a  period of pregnancy, it gets born and starts developing. Like a butterfly, it may undergo several metamorphoses before reaching an «adult» stage. But is there such a stage? Life doesn’t stop flowing!

Every page in this site is a photo album starting with a short introductory text. We start with the origins of the project. Next we follow the development of the roots (basement), the shoot (living stair), the cover (not only roof: you may think of a tea-pot), the coating. We will also show some peculiarities of its structure and «vital organs». And we will visit the garden and see it evolving.

There will be a Summary page.

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This section has a more informal alter ego :

Petites histoires d’une construction
(Ups, Downs, side stories)

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Birth and development of a house

Origines – Origin

Racines – Roots

Émergence – Shoot

Couverture – Cover

This section has another, more informative alter ego :

Construction écologique

(Ecological house)

You reach it by clicking the slide below, or via the Welcome page.

Histoire brève – Summary

Enduits – Coating

Last Update





Isolant – Insulation

Fermeture – Closing





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